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"Jim Dragoni performed at Who Got The Jazz? at World Cafe Live! and brought the fire. His clear, sharp and warm tone accented our celebration of guitarist, George Benson without needing to be George Benson. Dragoni's style fits in that dynamic valley between the mountains of McLaughlin, Zappa, Montgomery and Coryell. That's a great place to be.As featured special guest guitarist Jim Dragoni provided powerful solos, thoughtful accents and hot rhythms all night." Homer Jackson, Producer, Painted Bride

 “From the very first notes of Jim Dragoni’s guitar, you know that this musician is FOR REAL and in full command of his instrument. Dragoni’s technique is flawless, empowered by a soulful spirit and years of experience.  As his compositions and singing continues, you have a warm smile and nod your head, because you know this is going to be a truly magical evening. DRAGONI has got the GOODS!”  David Foss, Director, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

...his playing is simply brilliant..." Dr. Herb Wong, international jazz critic and record company executive  

"...his compositional skills far surpass many of his contemporaries" Ed Wismer, Cape May Star

"Jim Dragoni is a musician of considerable skill, talent, and versatility, to say nothing of his historical knowledge of jazz and folk music.  He recently agreed to sit in with my big band, and he absolutely nailed every style we attempted, including swing, Latin, ballad, contemporary, and funk. He also gave a wonderful master class, giving our students a spot-on picture of the real life of a modern musician.  I personally was most thrilled with the concert we played that night. Jim has a great voice and delivery" Chris McCourry, Artist/Teacher, Director of Jazz Studies/Trumpet--Hillsdale College, MI

Austin TX

" The playing startles the synapses...he moves inside and outside the changes with the grace of a cat burglar"  Karl Stark, Phila Inquirer Jazz Critic

Hillsdale College Big Band
Sharon Sable, Andrew Dragoni, Karen Smith

"Check out his technique, the effortless speed...has thoroughly mastered his instrument...it would seem there's not much more for him learn about his craft" Jack Lloyd, in feature article, the Philadelphia Inquirer. 
"Jim's ensemble playing and original compositions are superb..." Gerry Givnish, the Painted Bride Arts Center    
"My guitar player is a talented guy out of Philadelphia" -Mose Allison

Dylan Taylor, Kelly Meashey, Ed Watkins

Philadelphia Love Park

Odean Pope/Jim Dragoni  Dec 17, 2001

"Exciting performance...it was a gas!" Jenneth Webster,  Lincoln Center, NYC. 

 "Sometimes it rocks, sometimes it swings, sometimes it is pure sweet poetry" Steve Lopez of the Philadelphia Inquirer  
"One of Philly's finest"....Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer
Off the Wall Piano by Gene Shay, 2012
Larry Coryell
Sbaffoni & Dragoni, Little Italy

Andy Pratt
"Like Picasso on the guitar" - Kenn Kweder


David Amram, Gene Shay


Craig Thomas, Larry Coryell

Maryanne Price

Naomi Grigorian, John Dean

Saul Broudy, Rich Drueding

Gene Shay Show WXPN

Mike Tearson Band
 Ken Ulansey and me--Philadelphia Folk Festival  
Mike McGuire, Dylan Birthday Concert
Mose Allison, Fred Weiss

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